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Truth in Love
Why Does Hollywood Hate American Sniper?
Link: The Hollywood Jihad Against American Sniper Author: Daniel Greenfield Source: the Sultan Knish blog - 01.24.2015 American Sniper is the movie that should not have existed. Even though the book was a bestseller, nobody in Hollywood wanted the rights. And why would they? The Iraq War already had an official narrative in Hollywood. It was bad and wrong. Its veterans were crippled, dysfunctional and dangerous. Before American Sniper, Warner Brothers had gone with anti-war flicks like Body of Lies and In the Valley of Elah. It had lost a fortune on Body of Lies; but losing money had never stopped Hollywood from making anti-war movies that no one wanted to watch. Even the Hurt Locker had opened with a quote from leftist terrorist supporter Chris Hedges. An Iraq War movie was supposed to be an anti-war movie. There was no other way to tell the story. Spielberg’s own interest in American Sniper was... (more)

.: LifeHasBegun:.
2nd year of intensif
Last year macam semangat je sanggup buat entry hari-hari sepanjang minggu intensif. Dah la tiga minggu pulak tu. Tapi bila mai tahun nie rasa macam malassss je kan. Walaupun 2 minggu je intensif kali ini. #KauTuTakDakYangRajin Debushhhhh!!. Hahaha.. Tak porlah lagu mana pun. Yang penting happy. Malam ni tido sorang le jawabnya sebab roomate balik. Selasa malam baru jumpa. Esok lepas kelas aku pun nak balik sebab selasa kena masuk kerja T___________T Alhamdulillah so far so good. Rindu sangat dekat mak. T______________T Rindu nak peluk cium mak. Rindu nak dengar mak membebel. Rindu nak bawak mak jalan-jalan naik kereta lagi. Sekarang ini kalau pergi mana-mana mesti rasa kosong je kereta. Dulu ada mak, ada bapak, and samada dayah atau naim. Tak boleh ikut ramai-ramai. Tapi sekarang walaupun dan ramai boleh ikut, tetappp rasa sunyi. Ya Allah... sebenarnya nak update pasal benda lain. Tapi dah tercerita pasal benda lain. T____________________T Mak. Semoga urusan mak di sana... (more)

The road of life
fluffy mashed potatoes
As winter continues to spread its icy fingers over the landscape with gale force winds and snow in the North, there is a hankering for comfort food that is tasty and filling. Casseroles, stews, hot pots and pies are my “go-to” recipes usually served with piles of fluffy mashed potatoes, acres of fresh, seasonal vegetables and lashings of hot gravy. Well, you can still have comfort food like this when following the 5:2 diet, you just have to cut the fat and bulk up on the vegetables. We all love Shepherd’s Pie and Cottage Pie in our household. There is something extremely comforting about a big dish of rich potato-topped beef or lamb pie when brought to the winter supper table. All that is needed to complete these tasty dishes are some steamed seasonal greens or root vegetables...we love traditional peas and carrots with our cottage pie, as you can see by my photos! Today’s recipe for Lighter and Leaner Cottage Pie has an amazing 250 calories per generous serving and... (more)

Potret Hati 9(2)
Qisya bergegas masuk ke dalam rumah. Sepuluh minit kemudian dia kembali, tersenyum-senyum dia sambil mendekati Aiman. “Siapa? Senyum senyum ni mesti ada perkara yang menyeronokkan.” “Prof telefon. Dia suruh datang awal. Dia kata ada borang yang nak kena isi. Kalau terlepas tarikh tutup, kena tunggu permohonan tu buka semula. Tak tahu bila.” “Jadi, nak bertolak ke Sarawak lebih awallah?” “Macam mana abang fikir?” “Prof tu lebih tau. Itu kerja dia. Dia bagi tau semata-mata nak tolong pelajar, kerana Allah. Tengoklah tiket kapal terbang, kalau ada tambang murah belilah. Cek tiga-tiga, Mas, Malindo, Airasia, bandingkan yang termurah. Malam nanti solat istikharah.” “Fasilatator motivasi kat Masjid tu macam mana?” “Esok kita ziarah Tuan Haji Ibrahim. Insya Allah ada jalan keluar.” Senggang. Qisya sedang berfikir. “Abang! Lepas Prof panggil, EZ pula panggil. Dia kirim salam. Dia nak cakap dengan abang malam... (more)

The Common Ills
I Hate The War
I Hate The War Barbara Starr. She sounds like a comic book character, some descendant of Dale Messick's comic strip Brenda Starr. If only she was as dedicated to her trade as the fictional Brenda Starr. Starr's paid for CNN but anyone who knows her body of work would be right in countering that she actually works for the US military brass. If there's a message to be put out, Starr's the go-to. She will report it without questioning it -- on air or in text. The attempt to retake Mosul from the Islamic State was supposed to start next month. Despite the White House spending over one billion dollars since the start of August on their Iraq 'plan,' the Iraqi military is still not ready. Some would argue it would never be ready and point to the five years of training that led up to Nouri's attack on Basra -- and Sadr City in Baghdad -- in 2008 which saw massive desertion on the part of the Iraqi military (understandable in... (more)

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